If you’re brave enough to live it, the least I can do is listen.
— excerpt from Ruby, by Cynthia Bond

Counseling is a beautiful way to bring all of yourself and let someone sit with you in all of the joy, anger, sadness, rage, and stress in your life. It takes courage to live in the world and share it with someone else. Counseling is sharing the dark and the light, becoming more aware of yourself and your needs, identifying choices you have, and taking action. I am a counselor and I will sit with you.

I use Person-Centered therapy techniques, adapted from Carl Rogers, to support, build, and maintain the therapeutic relationship with clients. I identify as a Gestalt therapist, meaning my interest and curiosity in supporting you is focused on the present moment and the choices you have available to you. I also use counseling techniques from various theoretical backgrounds to support individuals, couples, and groups based on how our therapeutic relationship unfolds. If you have any questions about these techniques, I encourage you to ask me about them in a consultation or in a session.