Career-related Services

dkp counseling, PLLC offers a wide range of career counseling topics to meet client’s individual career needs. Career Counseling is an unfolding process that offers clinical support and developmental resources that address specific career-related topics or concerns to empower clients to find meaningful work and to develop a positive view of yourself over time. dkp counseling, PLLC looks to build trust and respect for all clients seeking counseling services and will work to create this relationship as a part of the services offered. Below are some of the career-specific topics covered in a counseling appointment:

Career Topics

  • Self-Assessment-Getting to Know Yourself

    • Assessments that identify your interests, values, preferences, and skills

    • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Strong Interest Inventory® Facilitator

  • The “I” in Values, Mission, and Vision-What Works for You

    • Developing your professional identity

    • Creating your Brand

  • Job Search Strategies-How to Find Meaningful Work

    • Tools and Resources to navigate the complex world of work and how to stand out

  • Company Research-Finding What Matters to You

    • Looking for the information that addresses your interests, needs, values, and identities

    • Creating a Research Timeline

  • Informational Interviews-Expanding Your Network

    • Finding and connecting with professionals who help you find the information you need as well as advocate for you

  • Building an Effective Resume/Resume Reviews

    • Master Resume vs. Functional Resume

    • Writing accomplishment statements

    • Format and Appearance

  • Building a Compelling Cover Letter/Cover Letter Reviews

    • Establishing fit and why you are the best person for the job

    • Format and Appearance

  • Interviewing Strategies-The How, Where, and Why of Strong Interview Skills

    • Strategies for phone, in-person, or video/Skype interviews

  • Budgeting and Negotiation-You Are Worth It!

    • Asking for equal pay for equal skill sets

Career Counseling Fees

Appointments are 60 minutes in length and $125 per appointment. I accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and cash. Payment is due at the time of the appointment. I am available to meet with clients in-person or through telemental health, depending on personal preference and availability. Currently, I see clients in-person at my practice location in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle. Click here to schedule an appointment or request a consultation by clicking “Get Started”. dkp counseling, PLLC, in partnership with the Alumni Association of Seattle University, offers career advising and counseling services for alumni of Seattle University and is proud to support this population of career seekers.